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About Us

You place a high value on your company. Why would you settle for a less comprehensive and well-designed IT network or AV solution to help your company grow?

Libra40 Tech Ltd. is a solution provider focused on IT networks, AV solutions, security, and wireless infrastructure, with a combination of years of experience in the IT and AV industries. When necessary, we work with a variety of additional partner solution specialists to build comprehensive IT solutions for a variety of business types and sizes that are committed to building a secured IT/AV solution.

Businesses increasingly have easy access to IT and AV solutions. However, due to the large number of IT solutions available, putting together the finest solution that will fit well and develop with your organisation without costing you an arm and a leg is becoming more difficult.

Our goal is to learn about your company’s processes and deliver a solution that will help it stay productive and grow. You focus on your business while we make technology work for you, your workforce, and your clients.


Our Mission

Our mission is straightforward: crafting solutions that precisely match our clients’ requirements. We aim to empower our clients’ businesses and projects, ensuring the realisation of their long-term objectives. Our commitment extends to ongoing proactive support and continual analysis of the solutions we offer.

This process guides our clients towards efficiency improvements aligned with contemporary technology standards, all while maintaining a strong emphasis on security. Our goal is to deliver solutions that not only meet immediate needs but also position our clients for sustainable success in the evolving landscape of business and technology.

Our Engagement Process

We dedicate substantial time to understanding your business, operations, staff, clients, and future growth aspirations. This in-depth knowledge enables us to recommend tailored solutions that blend the right technology and seamlessly adapt to your business’s scale.

Our objective is to go beyond being just a technology provider and become a crucial partner in your organization’s growth journey.

The design phase stands as the pivotal cornerstone in contemporary IT and AV solutions. These solutions are conceived to be versatile, all-encompassing, and feature-rich, catering to business needs with minimal hardware or software requirements.

Our commitment to clients entails crafting a thorough design that incorporates insights gained during the initial business discovery phase. Moreover, this stage is enriched by valuable insights into the client’s business, enabling us to fine-tune the proposed design for optimal alignment with present and future requirements, ensuring the design is future-proofed to evolve harmoniously with the business.

Once the design phase is meticulously outlined, we collaborate with you to establish the installation schedule. In any contemporary solution, be it AV or IT, the backend IT infrastructure should be deployed in accordance with the detailed design and rigorously tested before connecting hardware devices.

This strategic approach mitigates commissioning delays, ensuring timely project completion. By adhering to this methodology, we guarantee efficient project execution, delivering reliable solutions that align seamlessly with your business needs.

Understanding how to leverage the final solution is as crucial as its design. We ensure that key personnel possess a comprehensive understanding of the solution’s functionality. Our team remains readily available to address any queries as your business acclimates to the advantages of the solution, fuelling growth and optimising operational processes.

Our commitment extends beyond the implementation phase, fostering a supportive environment for long-term success in integrating and maximising the solution’s potential for your business.

After the successful implementation of any IT or AV solution, ongoing support becomes pivotal to ensure the system operates seamlessly. Whether you have a proficient in-house IT department that occasionally requires our assistance for intricate issues or strategic guidance, or if you lack the personnel to manage your IT or AV infrastructure, we offer customised outsourced services.

These services guarantee that your solution remains consistently operational, secure, and proactively maintained. Our goal is to ensure your technology functions like a well-oiled machine, regardless of your specific needs and resources.

Network Design, Wi-Fi RF Planning, Implementation and Consultancy

Creation and Orchestration of A Network’s Blueprint, Along with Meticulous Wi-Fi Radio Frequency (RF) Planning and Diligent Implementation

Secured Holistic Network Design

Converged Data, Wi-Fi, Voice, Video and IoT

Careful, detailed design is at the heart of any good, dependable network. Understanding the clients’ immediate and expected future needs and the network’s purpose results in reliable infrastructure. Market leader Cisco Meraki offers a comprehensive cloud-based managed solution to enterprises of all sizes.

Understanding the client’s business, employees, and clients, as well as the appropriate combination of cloud, premise, and hybrid solutions, should be investigated. Any IT and AV solution is only as secure as its edge. Understanding the business’s security needs and implementing the appropriate security policies is essential.

Wireless RF Survey and Design

Modern Wi-Fi networks are demanding as devices, applications, and users become sophisticated. Wi-Fi standards such as WAP3, Multigigabit Speed Capable Wi-Fi 6 and 6E APs, Hotspot 2.0, and more are changing to meet this demand for high throughput and simplified but secure connectivity.

To take advantage of these advancements in usage and technology, a detailed Wi-Fi RF design, survey, and implementation are necessary to provide security, performance, and future-proofing. We start working from your plan if it’s a new environment or carry out an RF survey if there is existing Wi-Fi. We will work closely with you.

Server Infrastructure Deployment

Futureproof Server Solutions

Deploying server infrastructure is a challenging operation that calls for meticulous preparation and attention to detail. When establishing server infrastructure, it’s critical to tailor these processes to your individual requirements and keep in mind the ever-changing nature of technology.

In the age of cloud dominance, server infrastructure means something different; no longer do many companies need to have onsite servers to run their businesses, especially SMBs. Critical business servers can be deployed virtually in the cloud without losing any of the onsite secured connectivity and flexibility; sometimes, a hybrid model might be what’s needed.

Network Implementation

Backbone of Modern Business Operations

Network implementation is critical to guaranteeing the smooth flow of data and communication inside an organisation in today’s digitally driven world. As organisations increasingly rely on technology for day-to-day operations, having a well-planned and properly implemented network infrastructure is no longer an option; it’s a requirement.

More than merely connecting wires and setting up devices is involved in network implementation. It is the foundation upon which modern businesses are built. A well-implemented network gives organisations the agility to react to changing technology trends as well as the resilience to deal with challenges. By investing in network implementation, you are not just developing a network but also the foundation of your business operations.

Microsoft 365 Collaborative Suite

Productivity For The Modern Workplace

Microsoft 365 combines a range of applications and cloud services to provide customers with a streamlined and efficient work environment. It is intended to provide a wide range of applications and services to individuals, businesses, and organisations in order to ease communication, productivity, collaboration, and data management.

Microsoft 365 is a one-stop shop for any modern-day organisation of any size aiming to deliver seamless collaboration among business employees as well as as an extension with its customers by securely sharing resources and data. Microsoft Teams is a key component of the Microsoft 365 ecosystem of corporate products that boosts user productivity across multiple devices.

Consultancy and Outsourcing

Optimise and Manage IT networks

IT solutions do not come in one size that fits all. Each organisation has different demands, and while the cloud is here to stay, the most important decision for a company is whether to go with an all-cloud strategy or a blend of both. Libra40 employs its experience to help businesses evaluate their existing and future demands. The cloud offers numerous benefits, including a lower total cost of ownership with respect to a company’s IT infrastructure and faster corporate growth.

Libra40 can assist businesses in making cost-effective network design, procurement, and resource allocation decisions, which can result in cost savings and business efficiency. We can provide an outside perspective to help organisations overcome internal preconceptions and groupthink, allowing you to make better-informed decisions.

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Libra40 moves with technology to enable business productivity

Cutting-Edge AV-IT Infrastructure Design and Installation.

Detailed Planning, Design, and Documentation: The Key to 21st-Century Converged IT and AV Solutions

AV Network Design & Deployment

Networked Sound for Modern Environments

The world of audio-visual has been changing slowly over the past few years in relation to its dependence on IT infrastructure, but in the past 4–5 years, it has exploded. AV in now fully dependent on IT to provide its complex, demanding, and integrated solutions. This dependency means AV designers and programmers need to understand IT norms when designing their solutions, especially in making sure the system is secure. Libra40 is unique as a company that designs and implements AV, IT and IT-AV integrated solutions. We do this by pulling together our extensive IT and AV experiences in designing secure IT-AV solutions.

Networked Audio

Networked Sound for Modern Environments

Today, networked audio technology has become a standard in the industry. RJ45 connectors are now a common sight on amplifiers, DSP units, mixing desks, microphones, and even speakers. These Ethernet connections serve for device control and multichannel audio transmission. Libra 40 specialises in configuring protocols like Dante, AES67, Q-LAN, and AVB to ensure impeccable audio quality. Precise timing, achieved through PTP and QoS configuration, is vital in audio networking. When deployed effectively, networked audio minimises cabling needs and enhances audio routing flexibility, optimising your audio setup

Multicast AV Networking

Multicast Networking for Seamless Performance

Video and audio streaming devices commonly employ multicast network technology, allowing efficient simultaneous transmission to multiple receivers. Unlike broadcasting to all network devices, multicast serves only the requested receivers, reducing network congestion. Whether integrating streaming devices into a converged LAN or establishing a dedicated streaming network, meticulous design ensures seamless integration of all endpoints without bandwidth limitations. The commissioning phase involves essential protocols like IGMP and PIM to ensure the effectiveness of multicast streaming

Unified Communications & Collaboration

Seamless Collaboration for Modern Businesses

Unified Communications (UC) is a comprehensive system that harmonises diverse hardware and networking technologies to enhance communication across multiple channels. It unites IP-based communication tools like VoIP phones, video conferencing, and collaboration software, all linked through a robust network. This integration facilitates real-time voice, video, and data exchange, promoting seamless collaboration and productivity.

UC optimises hardware resources, such as routers, switches, and servers, ensuring efficient data transmission and minimal latency. By unifying communication tools and network elements, organisations create a cohesive, agile environment, streamlining communication and simplifying operations.

Crestron NVX Design and Deployment

Effortless NVX Solutions for Superior AV Performance

Crestron DigitalMedia NVX is a popular AVoIP solution. NVX is a secure, scalable, and managed solution that delivers outstanding image quality with low latency over a 1Gb Ethernet connection at up to 4K60 resolution. IT security features include AES encrypted end-to-end encryption, 802.1x secure authentication, an active directory, HTTPS, and much more. Crestron XIO Cloud simplifies device deployment, management, and monitoring.

However, designing and installing these systems can be difficult and time-consuming. Businesses risk technical challenges, security vulnerabilities, and poor performance if the proper approach is not taken. This can lead to costly downtime and a subpar AV experience. Libra40’s knowledge and expertise will aid in mitigating the risks associated with NVX implementation

IT-AV Converged Network Solutions

Efficiency Through Unified IT and AV

In the modern business landscape, the convergence of IT and AV presents challenges. Businesses often struggle with seamless integration, complex configurations, and security vulnerabilities. This creates a roadblock to harnessing the full potential of technology for enhanced communication and productivity. The intricate nature of IT-AV convergence demands careful attention, leaving organisations susceptible to technical hiccups and compromised data security.

Turn to Libra40 for expert IT-AV convergence solutions. We specialise in streamlining integration, configuring complex setups, and implementing robust security measures. With Libra40, businesses can optimise their IT and AV systems, enabling seamless communication and productivity enhancements. Conquer the convergence challenge with Libra40 for a secure, efficient, and innovative business environment

Secured Hybrid Network, Endpoint Protection and Cloud Infrastructure Solutions

A new approach to a secure modern day work and network, it includes solutions such as Zero-touch, SASE and others managed in the cloud.

Cisco Meraki + Edge SD-WAN + SASE

Network and Security Managed in the Cloud

The combination of Cisco Meraki, Edge SD-WAN, and SASE, three independent but interconnected technologies, provides modern businesses with a powerful, integrated, complete networking and security solution for managing their networks securely and efficiently. For local area networks, Cisco Meraki streamlines network management and provides integrated security features, whereas Edge SD-WAN optimises wide-area network connectivity. SASE combines SD-WAN with cloud security to deliver a comprehensive and scalable solution for secure access to apps and resources from any location.

This integrated strategy is ideal for businesses that want to increase network performance, security, and overall user experience whether accessing resources within or outside their organization’s network.

Zero Trust Security by Cisco Duo

Trusted Devices inside and Outside Network Reverified

Zero-trust security is a cybersecurity strategy that improves an organisation’s security posture by assuming that all internal and external people, equipment, and network resources are potentially untrusted. Cisco Duo is an effective solution for safeguarding an organisation’s digital assets, especially in the context of today’s distributed and mobile workforce.

By implementing multi-factor authentication, adaptive access limitations, and device trust, organisations can drastically reduce the risk of unauthorised access and data breaches while maintaining a seamless user experience. Cisco Duo is a security platform that offers solutions for multi-factor authentication (MFA) and secure access. Cisco Duo is compatible with single-sign-on systems, allowing users to access numerous applications with a single set of credentials.

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

Advanced EDR: Your Shield Against Evolving Threats.

Cyberattacks are more sophisticated and deceptive, making traditional security less effective. As a result, companies experience data breaches, financial losses, and credibility issues. Traditional security can’t handle new threats. In a world of remote work and mobile devices, poor endpoint security poses major concerns.

Cisco Secure Endpoint and EDR revolutionise cybersecurity. It identifies, prevents, and fixes threats in real time, protecting your firm. It goes beyond antivirus. Behavioural analysis, machine learning, and threat intelligence detect advanced threats.

You get full endpoint visibility and control with remote isolation and incident investigation. Respond swiftly to threats to minimise damage. Cisco EDR goes beyond prevention with comprehensive analysis and reaction.

Extended Detection and Response (XDR)

Fortify Your Defenses with Advanced Extended Detection

Businesses face constant, sophisticated cyber threats in today’s dynamic digital landscape. Conventional security measures are frequently insufficient, leaving sensitive data unprotected. The consequences of a security breach can include substantial financial losses and reputational damage.

Complicating matters, security professionals are overburdened with fragmented security tools and sophisticated threat scenarios. Delays in threat detection and response not only jeopardise business continuity but also hinder digital growth, leaving organisations vulnerable and behind in their transformation efforts.

Libra40 gives enterprises a proactive, unified approach with Cisco’s Extended Detection and Response (XDR), giving comprehensive visibility across endpoints, networks, and the cloud. Cisco XDR enables enterprises to proactively defend against threats. XDR accelerates digital transformation programmes by prioritising data and user safety, ensuring Libra40 clients have a secure and robust digital future.

Cisco Umbrella Layered SASE

Empowering Secure Remote Work with Cisco's SASE

In an era where remote employment is the new normal, businesses face security challenges. Traditional network security is insufficient in the face of continually evolving cyber attacks aimed at remote endpoints and cloud resources. This imbalance creates flaws that malicious actors can readily exploit.

To make problems worse, remote staff usually lack the comprehensive protection needed to protect their connections. This can result in expensive breaches and data leaks, exposing sensitive information.

Libra40 assists enterprises in strengthening remote work circumstances by leveraging Cisco Umbrella Layered SASE (Secure Access Service Edge). It seamlessly combines network security and cloud-native protection to deliver tiered defence that responds to new attack scenarios. With Libra40’s experience, businesses can dependably safeguard critical data while maintaining the trust of clients and partners, resulting in a secure, compliant, and productive remote work environment.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Unleash Mobile Productivity with Security Control.

Mobile devices have become important productivity tools, but managing them in today’s business environment is difficult. Companies are vulnerable to data breaches, compliance difficulties, and operational inefficiencies as mobile endpoints proliferate. Unprotected devices are easy targets for cybercriminals, posing financial and reputational hazards.

Comprehensive Mobile Device Management (MDM) is critical as firms adjust to remote and hybrid work settings. Data leaks, regulatory penalties, and device management disarray are the norm in the absence of it.

Libra40 employs the Cisco Meraki Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution to help businesses reclaim control by providing powerful security, centralised control, and streamlined administration. Organisations can use Cisco Meraki MDM to enforce security policies, protect data, maintain compliance, and optimise device performance. MDM secures your mobile environment, allowing you to realise the full potential of mobile technology for your business.

Let us make IT and AV work for you!



Marine & Residential IT, Audio, Visual, Lighting Design and Installation

Crafting Seamless Connectivity and Entertainment in Marine and Residential Spaces with Advanced IT, Audio, Visual, and Lighting Solutions

Home Entertainment Systems & Automation

Elevate Your Lifestyle with Smart Home Innovations

Residential installs have no easily repeatable solution or one size fits all. Every system is unique because all owners have different expectations. Thorough design work is required to ensure that the systems provided will enhance the day-to-day living experience.

A well-planned and executed residential project should make the house simple to use and with cool features such as multiroom audio, a centralised video distribution system, a custom-themed home cinema room, climate control, video door entry, CCTV. The house can be fully automated with sensors and timeclocks, manually controlled by touch panel, keypad, or running on a user-defined schedule.

Extra work goes into the custom UI design for touch panels to make sure the residence is intuitive to operate. Libra40 tailors solutions that match clients’ design requirements, elevating their living spaces.

Yacht AV Technology Design and Implementation

Elevating Luxury Aboard Your Yacht.

Modern luxury yacht owners demand cutting-edge entertainment systems and advanced technology to elevate their onboard experience, whether docked or navigating the open sea. Onboard systems encompass a wide array of features, including ambient lighting, motorised window treatments, TV lifts, media distribution, home theatre setups, high-quality audio for bars and clubs, multiroom audio systems, climate control, intercoms, and CCTV for security.

These amenities cater to the discerning tastes of yacht enthusiasts, ensuring that their time aboard is characterised by both relaxation and sophistication, making their journeys memorable and luxurious

Libra40 has several yacht installations completed and all have remote access for general IT and AV support. Whether a new build at a shipyard, a refit at a dry dock or an upgrade at sea, Libra40 can assist with most marine AV/IT technology requirements.

Secured Marine IT, AV and Wi-Fi Solutions

Marine Technology for Secure Connectivity

Providing safe, efficient IT, AV, and Wi-Fi solutions in the marine industry is a difficult task. Vessels require constant communication, but traditional solutions frequently lack sufficient security measures, making them exposed to cyber attacks at sea.

Vessels must swiftly adjust to new technologies while also protecting themselves from cyber threats. Off-the-shelf solutions frequently fall short of the required security criteria, presenting serious problems.

Libra40 specialises in the design of secure marine IT, AV, and Wi-Fi solution. Our expertise ensures that vessels have consistent connectivity while still ensuring robust cybersecurity. We customise our solutions to meet the specific difficulties of the marine environment. Sail with confidence, knowing that Libra40’s solutions provide maritime security and efficiency, protecting your operations and improving the aboard experience.

Crestron Home Solutions

Elevate Home Living with Smart Solutions

A modern home in the modern era requires smart technology that effortlessly enhances your lifestyle. Without it, many houses lack the integration and automation required for maximum convenience and security. An outdated, disconnected system can lead to inefficiency, inconvenience, and missed opportunities to fully smarten your living area.

Consider the challenges of maintaining several devices and systems independently, as well as the security problems and inconvenience of old technology that does not adapt to your changing demands.

Crestron Home is groundbreaking in smart home technology. We specialise in designing unique, integrated home solutions that improve your quality of life. Our solutions make your home really smart, from lighting and climate management to security and entertainment. You’ll get the ultimate in convenience, security, and comfort with a Libra40 smart home solution desin, all perfectly interconnected to make your life easier and more pleasurable

Internet Connectivity on Yachts

Reliable Connectivity at Sea with Peplink Solutions

Yacht owners know that being disconnected in the middle of the ocean can turn a dream voyage into a connectivity nightmare. Picture the inconvenience of multiple passengers with diverse connectivity needs straining a single connection, leading to slow speeds and constant frustration. The solution to these connectivity challenges is the implementation of Peplink’s cutting-edge Multiple Internet Connectivity solution on yachts.

By combining satellite, cellular, and Wi-Fi sources, you ensure uninterrupted, high-speed internet access in even the most remote maritime locations. With Peplink, you can host seamless video conferences, stream content without in terruptions, and stay informed about weather conditions and navigation, guaranteeing safety and convenience. This solution also provides connectivity hot failover, bandwidt bonding and WAN smoothing.

Libra40 uses the indepth configuration of Peplink’s Multiple Internet Connectivity to provide a seamless online experience, enabling productivity, entertainment, and safety while sailing.

Audio Visual System Programming

Most professional AV designs include a master control system. This allows for seamless integration of multiple devices from different vendors. Control systems we work with are manufactured by Crestron, QSC, Extron and others. Any of these require an AV programmer to write code to make the control system do what you want. Usually, the master control system also includes a custom user interface (UI). The AV programmer would create this user-friendly UI for use on dedicated touch panels or mobile devices (phones and tablets).

Other types of AV programming include audio programming (Biamp, Q-Sys, Clearone, Symetrix, etc.) and lighting programming (Lutron, Crestron, others). A project may consist of one or more of these types of AV programming to ensure successful operation. Once this is done then the master control system would combine signals from all sub-systems to ensure proper control.